As a Naturopathic Doctor,

I build a relationship with you. 

Are you looking for a doctor that listens?

Are you seeking an approach that addresses you as a whole person, not just as a diagnosis or disease?

In each of your office visits,

I spend time with you.  I listen.

Your First Office Visit will be 90 minutes (1 1/2 hrs).

Return Office Visits will be 45 minutes.

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Getting to know you and your health history provide me with the keys to being able to offer you the best possible guidance on your path to Optimal Health.

I believe that life provides opportunities that can come in the form of challenges or blessings. These experiences, whether they be life events or health issues, create the possibility   for deepening our understanding about ourselves and enhancing our experience of life.

The body's natural state is to be healthy. And when the body is not in a state of health, it is an indicator that there is an imbalance. This provides an opportunity to address our health and our lives on a deeper level.

Everyone is unique, as is their state of health and well-being. Obtaining Optimal Health therefore requires a unique approach with a treatment plan specific to you.

At every visit, I provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, specific to you and your needs.

I provide comprehensive treatment options. I address your health issues and give you a step by step plan towards Optimal Health.  

My recommendations include diet and lifestyle suggestions, nutrient and herbal based supplements, prescription medication (when needed),  additional lab tests, if needed, and recommendations for return office visits. 

During your office visit, I may also give you homework to take action in an area of your life where there appears to be an obstacle to improving your health. I believe true health exist when our life lines up to support  the life we want to live versus living the life we think we have to live.

I look forward to working with you and guiding you towards Optimal Health.

Dr. Charlotte